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movement. sound. direction. frequencies. trends. forward thinking. neural pathways. connections. push & pull. erosion. evolution. the milky way. water rituals. the ocean. purity. spirituality. hydration. flowing. water rebirths. Baptisms. humans as 73% water. storms, where wind & water meet.

Submission guidelines

ART: Poetry, prose, paintings, collages, multi-media work, & digital art. Submitted art must (creatively) play off the theme. We accept previously published pieces or dual submissions.

ARTICLES: Thought pieces & opinion editorials. Well-written & well-researched. Please shoot us an email about a pitch before writing the complete article. We accept previously published pieces or dual submissions.

We encourage submissions to be creative in the way our theme is explored, dissected, rejoiced, rejected, or simply presented.

Deadline: JULY 7th, 2019

To collaborate or showcase your work, please submit the following application below and send an email to hellonotchmag@gmail.com with any visual content or longer documents.


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