A Budding Poetess

deserted shadow

by Victoria Snyder

wrinkling and hardening by the heat

a newborn without a breast

nurtured less

this cracked dirt is so hard it feels like concrete

and what does my interpretation say about me?

colors so dull I disassociate 

i yearn to 


myself from these pools of sweat

ironically, this is my only form of release

I bet if I ever allowed myself to cry and 

my tears crystallized 

they would be unsymmetrical 

the air is dry and my lungs, they


my heart feels

constricted and my bones are


this skin is being 

stung like fire ants are

crawling all over my exposed parts and I 

forgot how to 

breathe and beat and be


discomforted by these brown hues all over 


so dull I disconnect and I am numb and then 

feelings of frustration become physical sensations 



A beautifully blossoming poetess, these poems are part of Victoria Snyder’s debut into sharing her work. Although opening up can be a painful process (no birth is without pain!), NTCH feels oceans of depth through the word choice, flow, and feeling transmitted through Victoria’s poetry. At a high point of stress in our workflow, we took a moment to shift tasks and read through contributor submissions. After reading Salient Wonders, we sat there in awe: breathing in the trees dancing around us and the peace stirred within us. Victoria’s poetry embodies the anxiety and the awe, the depth and the dawn, the culmination and the annihilation of being human.

poet bio

“I want to learn more about the many versions of myself. I want to know other people intimately. reflections. lessons. I want to learn more about who I am as a writer, a lover, a creative, an intuitive, a healer through healing myself. I want to learn more about how I can help others heal. And how I can be of service to this planet that so graciously allows us to exist. I want to feel a creative community. I want to give back in response to all of the inspiration I receive every single day – from nature, words, touch, scent, small sounds & big noises made with purpose and emotion, from deep togetherness with others built upon lifetimes, from gods or the universe or the omnipresent or Us. I want to keep writing. receiving. giving. loving. I want to soothe the collective fear of emotional intelligence, the fear of self awareness, the fear of breaking our conditioning. I want to soothe my self doubt, my worry. I want to feed my confidence, my expression, my self love and my love for others. I want to understand pain and pleasure. I want to release. I want to connect with you.”

– Victoria Snyder

salient wonders

by victoria snyder

do you feel? or do you think?

beneath our bare feet on dried mud 

buried underground 

there are worlds so chaotic and profound

we would be 

nothing without

I am, I mean

 I was 

full of doubt 

beneath our skin and muscle 

buried within 

there are worlds so chaotic and profound

we would be 

nothing without 

what do i call that sensation where I Am

overwhelmed with feeling a connection to oneness

that sensation 

of formlessness

feeling physical 

that sensation of forming 

into my choosing

that sensation where we recognize what is broken 

and bow to what is